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Course Learning Outcome:

  1. How you and the organization can make the impossible possible. 
  2. You will achieve more and bigger (greater) goals than before.
  3. You’ll be a more interesting person.
  4. You and the organization can see more than others.
  5. You can have a magnetic personality. 
  6. Your company will achieve higher profits. 
  7. Projects will be completed in less time with less friction. 
  8. Your brain's processing ability will be much more efficient.
  9. Your company will create much better and more attractive products.
  10. Your company will be more competitive.

This program is formulated to shape Powerful Environmental Leaders, by combining Critical Environmental Thinking and Environmental Knowledge with sustainable, effective and efficient approaches, that are in line with the Real World. 

This interdisciplinary KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) accredited program, is formulated by a DGEP Award Winner, with more than 20 years of academic knowledge and field experience. The program is a rigorous, unique learning experience that transforms starters or mid-career professionals into exceptional Environmental Leaders, through the exposure to innovative approaches and specific case studies. ELP participants, throughout the program will develop all the necessary skills to tackle dynamic and complex environmental issues.

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Sustainable Development is the central challenge of our times. It is both a way of looking at the world, with a focus on the interlinkages of economic, social and environmental change, and a way of describing our shared aspirations for a decent life. Our world is under strain. Poverty continues to plague communities and families. Climate change threatens livelihoods. Conflicts are raging. Inequalities are deepening. These crises will only worsen unless we change course. It is critical that we understand how sustainable development can be achieved in practice, on the ground, in all parts of the world. This training program, based on “The Age of Sustainable Development” (Sachs, 2015) as well as 22+ years of experience of Dr. Rashed Mohamed Karkain, provides a deeply informed panorama, outlining opportunities, challenges, and risks.