Lecturers and Students Membership

Associate Trainer Membership

  • Post, promote and conduct your own online courses on Sustainable Development Institute’s Smart E-Learning Platform
  • You may conduct your courses as Synchronous Online, or have them as Asynchronous on Sustainable Development Institute Smart E-Learning Platform
  • Your course certificates will have Sustainable Development Institutes’s name and signature, KHDA certification number and your name and signature as Course Lecturer/Trainer.
  • You receive 75% of course participants registration fees. 25% will go to Sustainable Development Institute.
  • You will always remain the sole owner of the course materials.
  • You are required to conduct at least three sessions per fiscal year of not less than 10 participants per session per course.
  • You’ll benefit from our E-Learning Platform and Sustainable Development Institutes’s Zoom Online Lecturing Services.
  • You’ll have 50% discount to register for other available coursed at our platform.
  • All Sustainable Development Institutes discounts are applicable to your courses as well.
  • You will develop and formulate your own coursed based on SD Institute’s standards.
  • Sustainable Development Institutes’s IT team will assist you to enable your asynchronous course materials at Smart E-Learning Platform.
  • Membership Card and Certificate
  • Annual membership

Associate Trainer Membership Packages:

Bronze Membership

  • Number of Courses: 1 course
  • Free

Silver Membership

  • Number of Courses: Maximum 3 courses
  • UAE dhs. 499

Gold Membership

  • Number of Courses: Maximum 5 courses
  • UAE dhs. 899

Platinum Membership

  • Number of Courses: Maximum 10 courses
  • UAE dhs. 1499

For any further details or assistance:
WhatsApp: +971505171755

Sustainable Development Institute - Student's Membership

-Free for a limited time (UAE dhs. 299 - This fee is currently waived).
-Access to a set of Free Online Asynchronous Courses
-Academic Advising
-Career Advising
-50% discount on all paid Courses
-Academic Reference Letter based on Completion of 3 Courses*
-Membership Certificate
-One year membership

Details & Registrations:
WhatsApp: +971505171755

This program is Free of Charge.

If you have already participated in Young Environmental and Sustainability Leaders, please use your Enrollment Key to enter in order to Print Your Certificate.

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